Rajasthan Rajya Sabha Members | MP List Party Wise Seats

There are 10 seats from Rajasthan in rajya sabha. So it means there are total 10 MP seats or 10 members in rajya sabha from Rajasthan.

In this article, we will cover the MP list according to party wise and their names and terms and tenure. Unlike Lok sabha Rajya sabha members term/tenure is secured for 6 years unless there is any mishap.

The last election happened on 26 March, 2020 on Thursday, and vote counting was done on the same day.

There are 7 members from BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) from total seats and 3 members are from INC (Indian National Congress) from a total number of 10 seats. The ex prime minister is also representing as MP from Rajasthan.

So let's check out Rajasthan rajya sabha members names, MP list party wise and total seats in this article.

Rajasthan Rajya Sabha Members | MP List Party Wise Seats

Rajasthan Rajya Sabha Members List

According to their party wise, here is a list of all MP or rajya sabha members with their date of appointment and date of retirement. Have a look at the list of all MP.

S. No.Member NamePartyElected DateRetirement Date
1.Harshvardhan SinghBJP05-Jul-201604-Jul-2022
2.Ram Kumar VermaBJP05-Jul-201604-Jul-2022
3.Om Prakash MathurBJP05-Jul-201604-Jul-2022
4.Alphons KannanthanamBJP09-Nov-201704-Jul-2022
5.Bhupender YadavBJP04-Apr-201803-Apr-2024
6.Dr. Kirodi Lal MeenaBJP04-Apr-201803-Apr-2024
7.Rajendra GehlotBJP22-Jun-202021-Jun-2026
8.Manmohan SinghCongress [INC]19-Aug-201903-Apr-2024
9.K. C. VenugopalCongress [INC]22-Jun-202021-Jun-2026
10.Neeraj DangiCongress [INC]22-Jun-202021-Jun-2026

BJP Members / MP Names

As we discussed earlier there are seven MP from total 10 seats from Bharatiya Janata Party. Some of them were appointed earlier and their term is about to expire soon in 2022. There are four MP who will be retired in 2022.

Bjp MP list who are elected from Rajasthan are following

  • Sh. Omprakash Mathur
  • Sh. K.J. Alphons
  • Sh. Ramkumar Verma
  • Sh. Harshvardhan Singh Dungarpur
  • Dr. Kirodi Lal Meena
  • Sh. Rajendra Gehlot
  • Sh. Bhupender Yadav

Congress Members / MP Names

As we discussed earlier there are three MP from total 10 seats from Indian National Congress party. All of them were appointed in 2020. They will be retired in 2026.

Congress MP list who are elected from Rajasthan is following.

  • Sh. Neeraj Dangi
  • Sh. K.C. Venugopal
  • Sh. Manmohan Singh


How many MP is there in Rajya Sabha from Rajasthan?

Ans: There are total of 10 seats reserved for Rajasthan in Rajya Sabha. So it means there are 10 Mp in Rajya Sabha from Rajasthan.

How many MP are from BJP?

Ans: Total 7 many MP are from BJP.

How many MP are from Congress?

Ans: Total 3 many MP are from Congress.

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