Farewell Quotes For Seniors Friends Colleagues In Office

Farewell is always heartbreaking. Whether it’s the farewell in school, college or office it’s always saddening that you are going to leave the place where you have spent your very good moments.

Those are the moments that you are going to cherish throughout life because you can never get back the time and can never replay those moments. All you can do is to remember and feel about it.

Well, if there is a time when you are celebrating farewell in school, college, or at the office, whatever it is. You must surely send them off with good words and happiness.

This is a very difficult time for them. Leaving a place where you have had fun, enjoyment, and moments filled with laughter is surely heart-wrenching.

But if it’s meant to happen it will happen and all you can do at that moment is tell them that their departure is a big loss for you, and their place is and will always be irreplaceable.

We have some goodbye messages for colleagues in the office/company working with you.

These farewell quotes are best to say goodbye to school friends, seniors, boss, and colleagues in the office. Text them and pray for their better future and growth in life.

Goodbye Message Farewell Quotes For Seniors Friends Colleagues In Office

Goodbye Message With Farewell Wishes Quotes

What to say to coworkers when leaving a job, or what to say to senior students when leaving school in farewell. We have solutions for all of them.

Here are some meaningful and heart-touching goodbye message with farewell wishes quotes. Have a look at these messages.

  • You were such a loving and caring colleague. Every project and every work with you was filled with fun and enjoyment. You are just irreplaceable. We will miss you, buddy. Happy farewell!
  • It’s going to be very difficult for me to come to the office and there will be nobody to shout my name and give a hello filled with a smile. It’s going to even more difficult to sit in my cabin and there will no more you beside me to talk to me meanwhile. It’s going to be difficult, but I will have to manage with your sweet memories. We will miss you, my friend!
  • I am not happy with your farewell, and I know so are you. But for a better job and a brighter career you have to do that. Well, I truly understand your position. But buddy, I am going to miss you.

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  • We have organized this farewell for our lovely seniors, but let me tell you all that we are not at all happy with your departure. Your support, your friendship, and your loving advice will always be missed. Not just me and not just the juniors but the whole college will miss your presence.
  • It’s the last day of school, and this is the last day we all are together here at this place. It’s really heart-wrenching that the people with whom I have spent all my life will not be with me anymore. But that’s what life is all about. It’s about changes and let’s hope that this change will be beautiful.
  • You will go away but your morals, ethics, and advice will always stay with us. Thanks for being such an inspirational colleague. We were planning to throw you an amazing party next month and shower you with heaps of gifts… But now that you’re leaving that’s not going to happen. So let us know if you change your mind. Farewell.
  • You were the person who inspired me throughout my life. You were the one whose advice is something I always follow. I will miss you, ma'am.

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